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Middleton location of historic UT, Ford investment

Lone Oaks

The Ford Motor Company and University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture have announced an historic agreement that will propel economic development, education, and conservation throughout the mid-south. The organizations have signed a stream mitigation and restoration agreement restoring the waters flowing through the University’s 1,200-acre Lone Oaks Farm as part of efforts to transform the property into a world-class 4-H and STEM Education Center in Middleton. The property is located 45 minutes east of Memphis and close to the Blue Oval City development. Both properties are under development, and earlier this month UT Extension celebrated laying the top beam of the first of many overnight camping facilities at the 4-H Center. Education programs at Lone Oaks already serve about 5,000 K-12 students each year, but the new facility will allow the program to continue growing and offer overnight STEM programs and camps.