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Columbia to replace one-lane bridge with GRNC funds

Iron Bridge Road

A $1.3 million grant from the Greater Nashville Regional Council (GRNC) will help redesign a one-lane bridge project the city of Columbia has been working toward for a dozen years. Current and former city leaders joined members of the GRNC and Barge Design at the city’s Fairview Park to unveil the redesign of the Iron Bridge Road bridge, which will be funded through both the GRNC grant and a 20% match from the city. The construction is expected to take a year to complete and will make one of the most hazardous bridges in the city safer for both motorists and pedestrians. Presently, the road has an average of 1,700 vehicles crossing it daily. Plans call for the bridge to be expanded to two lanes with a larger shoulder as well as a multi-purpose path for pedestrians and cyclists.