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Ogles, Lee win elections; All four state referendums pass

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee
Incumbent Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee addresses his supporters at his campaign headquarters in Franklin after winning the gubernatorial race.


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The state of Tennessee has one new member of its congressional delegation while incumbents dominated other federal races and the gubernatorial contest.  

In perhaps what was the most contested federal race, Republican Andy Ogles defeated Democrat Heidi Campbell for the U.S. House District 5 seat with Ogles garnering nearly 56% of the vote to Campbell's 42%. Ogles, who presently serves as Maury County mayor, will take the seat that was formerly held by Democrat Jim Cooper who decided not to seek re-election following redistricting.  

Andy Ogles

In other federal races, the remaining eight U.S. congressional seats for the state of Tennessee were retained by incumbent candidates. With Ogles election, U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen becomes the only Democrat among Tennessee’s nine-member congressional delegation.  

Incumbent Republican Bill Lee defeated Democratic challenger Jason Martin and other eight independent challengers for governor. Lee garnered nearly two-thirds of the vote (64.9%) of the vote while Martin earned nearly one-third (32.9%). The remaining 2% was spread among the field of seven other independent candidates. 

In other state elections, Tennesseans will see new faces in three Senate districts and 17 House districts. New members of the Senate include Republican J. Adam Lowe in District 1, Democrat Charlane Oliver in District 18, and Republican Brent Taylor in District 31.  They will join four other freshmen lawmakers elected to the State House in August: Bryan Richey, R-District 20; Kevin Raper, R-District 24; William Slater, R-District 35; and Justin Jones, D-District 52. 

 New State House members include Republican Robert Stevens in District 13, Republican Elaine Davis in District 18, Republican Greg Martin in District 26,  Republican Monty Fritts in District 32, Republican Michael Hale in District 40, Democrat Caleb Hemmer in District 59, Republican Gino Bulso in District 61, Republican Jack McCalmon in District 63, Republican Jody Barrett in District 69, Republican Kip Capley in District 71, and Republican Brock Martin District 79. In District 41, Republican Ed Butler defeated incumbent Independent candidate John Windle.  

With the death of State Rep. Barbara Cooper, D-Memphis, prior to the election, the State House 86 race will also see a new face. The oldest serving lawmaker in the Tennessee Legislature, Cooper’s funeral was held Saturday. The Shelby County Democratic Party will decide who will fill Cooper’s seat.  

Tennesseans also decided the results of four statewide referendums that would amend the Tennessee Constitution with all four amendments passing. The first referendum would add the state’s right-to-work law to the state constitution. The measure received approval from 70% of voters with nearly 30% against. 

The second referendum question regards the transfer of power if the governor should become unable to perform his or her duties. Voters approved the measure with 74% voting for it and 25% against.

The third referendum would outlaw slavery or involuntary servitude in the state of Tennessee.  Tennessee is one of five states that had a referendum of this nature on the ballot this November. The measure was approved with 79% of voters for and 20% against, the widest margin of any of the four amendments. 

The fourth referendum is to repeal an old law that forbid ministers from holding a position in the Tennessee General Assembly. A little more than 63% voters cast their ballots for the measure while 36% voted against, making it the amendment with the narrowest margin of victory.  

Governor and Federal Races

Tennessee Governor
Bill Lee (R)* 1,128,097
Jason Martin (D) 572,153
Constance Every (I) 10,266
John Gentry (I) 15,344
Basil Marceaux (I) 1,564
Charles Van Morgan (I) 1,859
Alfred O'Neil (I) 1,213
Deborah Rouse (I) 3,766
Michael Scantland (I) 813
Rick Tyler (I) 2,378


U.S. House District 2
Tim Burchett (R)* 139,085
Mark Harmon (D) 65,611


U.S. House District 4
Scott DesJarlais (R)* 113,818
Wayne Steele (D) 38,937
Clyde Benson (I) 1,616
Tharon Chandler (I) 526
David Jones (I) 623
Joseph Mayger (I) 421
Mike Winton (I) 2,745


U.S. House District 6
John Rose (R)* 121,358
Randal Cooper (D) 57,962


U.S. House District 8
David Kustoff (R)* 146,878
Lynette Williams (D) 46,964
James Hart (I) 2,378
Ronnie Henley (I) 1,018


U.S. House District 1
Diana Harshbarger (R)* 147,153
Cameron Parsons (D) 37,032
Richard Baker (I) 2,466
Matt  Makron (I) 1,245


U.S. House District 3
Chuck Fleischmann (R)* 131,509
Meg Gorman (D) 59,674
Thomas Rumba (I) 1,069
Ricky Tyler (I) 1,665


U.S. House District 5
Heidi Campbell (D) 87,389
Andy Ogles (R) 114,750
Derrick Brantley (I) 1,925
Daniel Cooper (I) 1,063
Rick Shannon (I) 785


U.S. House District 7
Mark Green (R)* 102,142
Odessa Kelly (D) 63,629


U.S. House District 9
Steve Cohen (D)* 79,639
Charlotte Bergmann (R) 29,061
Dennis Clark (I) 930
Paul Cook (I) 396
George Finn (I) 2,758


State Senate and House

TN Senate Dis. 1 
Patricia Waters (D)  7,744
J. Adam Lowe (R)  37,724

TN Senate Dis. 3 
Rusty Crowe (R)*  39,223
Kate Craig (D)  13,091
TN Senate Dist. 5
Randy McNally (R)* 43,387

TN Senate Dist. 7 
Richard Briggs (R)*  32,089
Bryan Langan (D)  19,234

TN Senate Dist. 9 
Steve Southerland (R)*  39,089
Sara Thompson  8,052
TN Senate Dist. 11
Bo Watson  (R)* 45,573
TN Senate Dist. 13 
Dawn White (R)*  24,825
Kelly Northcutt  13,259
TN Senate Dist. 15
Paul Bailey (R)* 45,959


TN Senate Dist. 17
Mark Pody  (R)* 39,340
TN Senate Dist. 19 
Charlane Oliver (D)  27,799
Pime Hernandez (R)  5,510

TN Senate Dist. 21 
Jeff Yarbro (D)*  28,637
Rueben Dockery (I)  8,442


TN Senate Dist. 23
Kerry Roberts (R)* 43,116
TN Senate Dist. 25 
Ed Jackson (R)*  35,765
Ronnie Henley (I)  9,278
TN Senate Dist. 27
Jack Johnson  (R)* 55,436
TN Senate Dist. 29
Raumesh Akbari  (D)* 30,189

TN Senate Dist. 31 
Ruby Powell-Dennis (D)  19,744
Brent Taylor (R)  40,050

TN Senate  Dist. 33 
London Lamar (D)*  21,055
Frederick D. Tappan (R)  4,033
Hastina D. Robinson (I)  430
TN House Dist. 1
John Crawford (R)* 13,361
TN House Dist. 2
Bud Husley  (R)* 15,345
TN House Dist. 3
Scotty Campbell (R)* 15,655
TN House Dist. 4
John B. Holsclaw Jr. (R)* 14,878
TN House Dist. 5
David B. Hawk (R)* 14,838

TN House Dist. 6 
Tim Hicks (R)*  13,973
Joel Goodman (I)  4,278
TN House Dist. 7
Rebecca K. Alexander (R)* 12,407

TN House Dist. 8 
Jerome Moon (R)*  15,693
Dylan D. Kelley (D)  3,844
TN House Dist. 9
Gary W. Hicks Jr. (R)* 13,094
TN House Dist. 10
Rick Elridge (R)* 12,253
TN House Dist. 11
Jeremy Faison (R)* 13,517

TN House Dist. 12 
Dale Carr (R)*  12,645
Larry Linton (I)  2,795


TN House Dist. 13 
Jeffrey Young Crum (D)  5,309
Robert Stevens (R)  8,666

TN House Dist. 14 
Jason Zachary (R)*  16,649
Amanda Collins (D)  9,223

TN House Dist. 15 
Sam McKenzie (D)*  7,244
Pete Drew (R)  2,963
TN House Dist. 16
Michele Carringer  (R)* 13,849
TN House Dist. 17
Andrew Ellis Farmer (R)* 13,079

TN House Dist. 18 
Gregory B. Kaplan (D)  9,836
Elaine Davis (R)  11,600

TN House Dist. 19 
Dave Wright (R)*  13,181
Zeke Streetman (D) 3,820
Mary Ann Rochat (I) 626
TN House Dist. 20
Bryan Richey (R) 14,562
TN House Dist. 21
Lowell Russell (R)* 18,438


TN House Dist. 22
Dan Howell (R)* 15,399


TN House Dist. 23
Mark Cochran (R)* 13,979
TN House Dist. 24
Kevin D. Raper (R) 12,324


TN House Dist. 25 
Cameron Sexton (R)*  19,655
Anne Ferrell Quillen (D)  4,088

TN House Dist. 26 
Allison Gorman (D)  8,498
Greg Martin (R)  15,032

TN House Dist. 27 
Patsy Hazlewood (R)*  15,429
Michael H. Potter (I)  6,377


TN House Dist. 28
Yusuf A. Hakeem (D)* 10,517
TN House Dist. 29
Greg Vital (R)* 15,648


TN House Dist. 30
Esther Helton  (R)* 13,593


TN House Dist. 31 
David Brown (D)  2,320
Ron Travis (R)* 14,635

TN House Dist. 32 
Jan Hahn (D)  4,772
Monty Fritts (R)  15,734

TN House Dist. 33 
John Ragan (R)*  11,089
Jim Dodson (D)  6,876

TN House Dist. 34 
Tim Rudd (R)*  9,136
Laura Bohling (D)  5.826
TN House Dist. 35
William Slater (R) 13,156
TN House Dist. 365
Dennis Powers (R)* 11,890

TN House Dist. 37 
Charlie Baum (R)*  9,452
Bill Levine (D)  4,991
TN House Dist. 38
Kelly T. Keisling (R)* 13,000

TN House Dist. 39 
Iris Rudder (R)*  14,189
Bruce Manuel (D)  4,300
TN House Dist. 40 
Tom Cook (D)  2,958
Michael Hale (R)  14,866


TN House Dist. 41 
John Windle (I)*  8,183
Ed Butler (R)  9,063
TN House Dist. 42
Ryan Williams (R)* 12,916
TN House Dist. 43 
Paul Sherrell (R)*  11,851
Cheryl Womack Uselton (D)  3,401

TN House Dist. 44 
William Lambeth (R)*  13,875
Kesa Fowler (D)  3,866
TN House Dist. 45
John C. Garrett (R)* 14,424
TN House Dist. 46
Clark Boyd (R)* 16,012

TN House Dist. 47 
Rush Bricken (R)*  12,563
Veronica Owens (I)  3,038

TN House Dist. 48 
Bryan Terry (R)*  11,560
Matt Ferry (D)  5,667


TN House Dist. 49 
Mike Sparks (R)*  7.739
Morgan Woodberry (D)  5,271
TN House Dist. 50
Bo Mitchell  (D)* 12,064
TN House Dist. 51
Bill Beck (D)* 17,630
TN House Dist. 52
Justin Jones  (D) 8,587

TN House Dist. 53 
Jason Powell (D)*  8,859
Dia Hart (R)  4,501
TN House Dist. 54
Vincent Dixie (D)* 13,932
TN House Dist. 55
John Ray Clemmons (R)* 7,523


TN House Dist. 56
Bob Freeman  (D)* 17,315


TN House Dist. 57
Susan M. Lynn (R)* 15,893


TN House Dist. 58
Harold M. Love Jr. (D)* 10,398


TN House Dist. 59 
Caleb Hemmer (D)  15,475
Michelle Foreman (R)  14,067
TN House Dist. 60 
Darren Jernigan (D)*  11,174
Christopher Huff (R)  7,395

TN House Dist. 61 
Steven Cervantes (D)  8.643
Gino Bulso (R)  16,730
TN House Dist. 62
Pat Marsh (R)* 13,490

TN House Dist. 63 
Kisha Davis (D)  7,373
Jack McCalmon (R)  16,969

TN House Dist. 64 
Scott Cepicky (R)*  15,078
Jameson Manor (D)  6,248
TN House Dist. 65
Sam Whitson (R)* 18,480
TN House Dist. 66
Sabi Kumar (R)* 14,554

TN House Dist. 67 
Ronnie Glynn (D)  5,766
Tommy Vallejos Sr. (R) 5,613

TN House Dist. 68 
Curtis Johnson (R)*  13,500
Monica Meeks (I)  5,469

TN House Dist. 69 
Candie Hedge (D)  3,203
Jody Barrett (R)  12,552
Leonard “Lenny” Ladner (I)  262
TN House Dist. 70
Clay Doggett (R)* 14,145

TN House Dist. 71 
David Carson II (D)  3,264
Kip Capley (R) 14,584
TN House Dist. 72
Kirk Haston (R)* 14,775

TN House Dist. 73 
Chris Todd (R)*  13,479
Erica Coleman (D)  5,496
TN House Dist. 74
Jay D. Reedy (R)* 14,315
TN House Dist. 75
Jeff Burkhart  (R)* 6,851

TN House Dist. 76 
Tandy Darby (R)*  13,267
James Hart (I)  1,828
Kevin West (I)  914
TN House Dist. 77
Rusty Grills (R)* 12,785

TN House Dist. 78 
Mary Littleton (R)*  13,077
Krystle James (D)  4,685

TN House Dist. 79 
Thomas Jefferson (D)  2,924
Brock Martin (R)  12,620
TN House Dist. 80
Johnny W. Shaw (D)* 8,715

TN House Dist. 81 
Debra Moody (R)*  11,926
Nicholas Sawall (I)  3,051
TN House Dist. 82
Chris Hurt (R)* 12,180
TN House Dist. 83
Mark White (R)* 17,225
TN House Dist. 84
Joe Towns Jr. (D)* 7,334
TN House Dist. 85
Jesse Chism (D)* 13,981

TN House Dist. 86 
Barbara Cooper (D)*  7,999
Michael Porter (I)  2,942
TN House Dist. 87
Karen Camper (D)* 7.878
TN House Dist. 88
Larry J. Miller (D)* 9,177

TN House Dist. 89 
Justin Lafferty (R)*  12,863
M.D. Dotson (D)  6,563

TN House Dist. 90 
Gloria Johnson (D)*  8,465
David “Pozy” Poczobut (R)  6,159
TN House Dist. 91
Torrey C. Harris (D)* 10.625

TN House Dist. 92 
Todd Warner (R)*  13,527
Angela Hughes (D)  4,771


TN House Dist. 93
G.A. Hardaway Sr. (D)* 7,356


TN House Dist. 94
Ron M. Gant (R)* 17,526


TN House Dist. 95 
Kevin Vaughan (R)*  17,935
Patricia Causey (D)  6,092
TN House Dist. 96
Dwayne Thompson (D)* 10,267

TN House Dist. 97 
John Gillespie (R)*  12,083
Toniko S. Harris (D)  9,214
TN House Dist. 98
Antonio Parkinson (D)* 8,427


TN House Dist. 99
Tom Leatherwood (R)* 17,367