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Alcoa welcomes two new fire trucks


The city of Alcoa has welcomed two new fire trucks. The two new pumper rescue trucks replace outdated trucks – one built in 1995 and another in 2004 – that fire officials determined needed to be replaced after a needs analysis and multiple rounds of approval. The new trucks were outfitted by Pierce Manufacturing to meet AFD’s needs. The left side of each truck is outfitted with equipment for dealing with any kind of structure fire, while the right side is devoted to emergency medical service and rescue operations. Each truck, which seats six, carries a pump that moves water so quickly it can empty the trucks’ built-in reservoir of 500 gallons in just four minutes. They also carry 30 gallons of foam for gasoline fires and a reservoir of drying powder for dealing with oil spills. One truck will serve at Alcoa Fire Station No. 2 while the other will be put in service at Alcoa Fire Station No. 3.