Virtual TML District Meetings set for December

TML District Meetings will be conducted virtually during the first two weeks in December using a Zoom webinar format.  It is vital that all city officials plan to participate. The meeting will include information on TML’s legislative priorities as well as other key legislation that TML anticipates will be addressed in the upcoming session. Members will also be updated on the League’s efforts to restore and return millions in locally-generated sales tax revenues to Tennessee towns and cities.  The 113th General Assembly will convene in Nashville on Jan. 10. It is important that city officials are prepared to educated their legislators on the needs of our cities and towns. Information on how to register for each meeting will be sent to city officials in each district. A meeting reminder and Zoom link will be sent out prior to each meeting. For further assistance, please contact your TML staff. 

District 1    Dec. 6    10 am / est
District 2     Dec. 6    1  pm / est
District 3    Dec. 7    10 am / est
District 4     Dec. 7    1 pm / cst
District 5     Dec. 8    10 am / cst
District 6    Dec. 8     1 pm / cst
District 7    Dec. 13    10 am /cst
District 8    Dec. 13     1 pm / cst