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Tennessee 44th in annual healthcare rankings

Healthcare rankings
One of the reasons for Tennessee's rank in the bottom 10 states comes from the high drug overdose death rate, which increased 44% between 2021 and 2022.

Tennessee has ranked 44 out of 51 in the America's Health Rankings 2022 report from United Healthcare’s ranking of all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Tennessee’s biggest health weaknesses were its high premature death rate, high prevalence of residents with multiple chronic conditions, high violent crime rate, adverse childhood experiences for residents, and high rate of cigarette smoking. Tennessee saw a 44% increase in drug overdose deaths in the past year as well as a 31% increase in residents who report experiencing frequent mental distress. However, Tennessee’s healthcare strengths included a low-income inequality, a high rate of high school graduation and less racial disparity in those graduation rates, a high supply of primary care providers, and a low prevalence of excess drinking. The access to high-speed internet in the state also improved 12%, which allows for more telehealth options for residents.