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Rivian opens first charging site outside of state parks in Paris


Rivian and Clearloop have unveiled the first of Rivian’s new Waypoints electric vehicle (EV) charging site outside of a state park at Eiffel Tower Park in Paris. The charging site is part of a partnership to support the development of one megawatt (MW) of the Paris Solar Farm project. The Waypoints chargers across Tennessee will be powered by 100 percent carbon-free renewable energy.Rivian and Clearloop are working together to expand access to clean energy in the communities that can benefit the most. Solar power currently makes up less than 1% of Tennessee’s total electricity mix. Rivian’s new Waypoints will allow any electric vehicle to charge with renewable energy at Eiffel Tower Park thanks to its industry-standard J1772 plug. Waypoints chargers are currently located in 11 state parks across Tennessee. As of December 2022, Rivian’s 1MW portion of the Paris Solar Farm-Puryear is expected to annually generate more renewable energy than is needed for all of these sites combined.