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Jackson launches initiative to reduce sudden cardiac arrest deaths


The city of Jackson will be the first city in the country to launch an initiative providing members of their Cardiac Arrest Rapid Engagement (CARE) Team with the first FDA-approved, portable automated external defibrillators (AED). The city, Jackson Fire Department, and a number of local organizations are partnering with Avive Solutions to distribute the portable AEDs along with providing training in CPR and the usage of the devices to help prevent deaths by sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Approximately 350,000 Americans die annually from SCA, largely because they do not receive AED shocks in time. The distribution of the devices to local organizations and Jackson residents aims to increase the survivability rate of SCA in Jackson from 6% toward the national rate of 10%.  Once 911 is dialed after an individual goes into SCA, the call will be sent to Jackson's Medlink dispatch system where they will take down the information, and an alert will be sent to a nearby CARE Team member's AED. A map will be presented on the screen of the AED providing the location of individuals suffering from SCA and how to administer care. The CARE Team currently consists of 140 members including teachers, athletic trainers, firefighters, and the average citizen alike. They are looking to have an additional 110 members sign-up, and anyone who is interested can apply on the Avive website.