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Kingsport wins APA award

Kingsport Award

The city of Kingsport has received the Innovation in Economic Development category from the American Planning Association’s Economic Development Division for the redevelopment of the greater Kingsport Press site and nearby properties. The award was presented as the APA’s annual conference held April 2 in Philadelphia. This award category is reserved for projects or programs that are creative and establish new pathways in addressing unique economic development needs. Kingsport received the award for its work on the redevelopment of the Dobyns-Taylor warehouse and the greater Kingsport Press property, including the Food City shopping center, the Kingsport Farmers Market, the Kingsport Carousel and nearby Town Park Lofts.  According to the APA, economic development consists of policies and actions which strive to improve the overall quality of life for a community or region by raising its standard of living, reducing inequality and using resources in a sustainable manner.