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More than 80 municipalities to share in $232.7M in ARP funds


The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) has announced more than $232.7 million in state ARP funds divided among 102 projects with more than 80 municipalities receiving grants or benefiting from grant projects.  

Of the 102 total projects, 17 were collaborative grants and 85 were non-collaborative grants. There are 10 municipalities awarded collaborative grants with 10 more benefiting from collaborative grants and 70 municipalities being awarded non-collaborative grants.  

There are also 132 individual drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure projects among the grants total. The grants are part of the $1 billion non-competitive grant program. The remaining funds ($269 million) will go to state-initiated projects and competitive grants. 

Collaborative grants were awarded to municipalities including Atwood, Charlotte, Clarksburg, Dayton, Jasper, Kimball, Lakeland, Stanton, Tracy City, and Waverly.  

Atwood’s $815,203 grant will be in collaboration with Caroll County while Charlotte’s $687,212 grant will be in collaboration with the Water Authority of Dickson County. Clarksburg will collaborate with Caroll County on its $669,054 project while Dayton will collaborate with Rhea County with its $3,963,044 project.  

Jasper’s grant of $1,363,324, Kimball’s grant of $799,195, and Tracy City’s grant of $915,194 will all be used in collaboration with Marion County.  

Lakeland’s $2,614,797 grant will be used in collaboration with Shelby County and will also decrease wastewater flows into the city of Memphis’ sewer system. Stanton will collaborate with Haywood County with its $4,024,745 grant while Waverly will collaborate with Humprhey’s County on a $1,325,000 grant project.  

A $8,650,011 grant to Bradley County will also benefit McMinn County as well as the municipalities of Cleveland, Calhoun, and Charleston. Dickson County will receive $4,370,769 for a project also benefiting the town of Vanleer. Hancock County will receive $3,009,713 for a project benefiting the city of Sneedville. Washington County will receive $6,353,535 for a collaborative project benefiting Johnson City, Jonesborough, and Kingsport.  

Additionally, Carroll County will receive $2,224,218, Knox County will receive $15,166,601, and Jackson County will receive $3,646,304 for a project in collaboration with Putnam County.  

Non-collaborative grants were also given to 70 cities and 14 counties. 

East Tennessee municipalities receiving grants included Baileyton $617,833, Benton $737,437, Huntsville $1,268,141, Jacksboro $3,569,953, Kingston $1,692,595, Madisonville $1,085,917, Morristown $4,472,852, Red Bank $1,619,984, Red Boiling Springs $748,472, and Sneedville $777,319. 

Middle Tennessee municipalities awarded grants included Algood $722,955, Allardt $611,154, Bell Buckle $587,437, Belle Meade $666,588, Carthage $765,538, Chapel Hill $969,173, Cowan $764,654, Cumberland City $859,047, Dover $748,283, Eagleville $601,250, Estill Springs $733,485, Gallatin $3,926,714, Goodlettsville $1,909,021, Greenbrier $1,144,207, La Vergne $3,494,124, Lawrenceburg $2,056,490, Linden $3,820,722, Loretto $739,398, McEwen $1,273,527, Millersville $955,714, Monterey $1,479,719, Murfreesboro $10,115,421, Pulaski $1,751,814, Sparta $1,072,232, Tennessee Ridge $1,895,856, Thompson’s Station $832,321, Vanleer $599,993, Wartrace $637,105, Waverly $1,487,920, Westmoreland $258,776, and Winchester $1,395,523. 

West Tennessee municipalities earning grants included Alamo received $831,197, Bolivar $2,550,364, Bradford $794,015, Brownsville $2,078,119, Camden $2,442,490, Covington $1,789,511, Crossville $3,549,752, Decatur $4,159,003, Dyersburg $4,204,446, Friendship $1,848,671, Grand Junction $1,827,974, Henning $708,224, Hornbeak $613,985, Hornsby $592,243, Middleton $1,545,363, Milan $1,729,735, Oakland $1,596,587, Savannah $4,714,467, Scott’s Hill $2,230,909, Selmer $6,046,448, Somerville $2,259,831, South Fulton $879,957, Tiptonville $2,321,792, Toone, $657,188, Trenton $1,208,392, and Troy $725,905. 

Non-collaborative grants given to counties included $1,481,306 for Benton County, $6,584,513 for Cocke County, $1,713,706 for Crockett County, $1,424,739 for Decatur County, $3,530,705 for Grainger County, $3,909,120 for Grundy County, $770,850 for Hardin County, $5,168,790 for Lawrence County, $4,411,275 for Lauderdale County, $637,500 for Marion County, $3,075,564 for Marshall County, $2,651,889 for Roane County, $2,217,776 for Scott County, and $7,128,064 for Sevier County. 

To learn more about the specific scope and details of each project, visit here.