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Nashville receives award for GIS services


The city of Nashville has received the Enterprise Approach to GIS award at the 2024 Esri Public Sector CIO Summit, which recognizes organizations who led a significant digital transformation of a project, department, or organization using GIS as a foundation. Nashville won the award for the Department of Information Technology Services’ (ITS) implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) across Metro government to improve government efficiency and increase residents’ access to information is receiving national recognition from industry leaders. A few marquee tools built by Metro’s GIS team include Parcel Viewer, Development Tracker and NashDigs.  Additionally, ITS’s GIS team has recently developed the Davidson County Digital Inclusion Map and District Data Dashboard. From enhancing public safety and improving urban planning to optimizing transportation routes and supporting environmental conservation, GIS provides invaluable insights that help organizations and governments make informed decisions, improve operational efficiency, and better serve their communities. Check out NashvilleMaps, to find the many interactive and static maps that Nashville has to offer.