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Vanderbilt, ORNL to partner on AI national security project


Vanderbilt University and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have announced a partner to develop training, testing and evaluation methods that will accelerate the Department of Defense’s adoption of AI-based system in operational environments. As artificial intelligence becomes an important asset in global competition, the U.S. military is exploring the use of AI and autonomous vehicles for use to protect active service members. ORNL and Vanderbilt will partner on a project to ensure these technologies are secure, reliable, and dependable when it comes to national security. Vanderbilt’s basic and applied research in the science and engineering of learning-enabled cyber-physical systems, particularly through the renowned Vanderbilt Institute for Software Integrated Systems, provides a foundation for AI assurance research. Building on expertise in high-performance computing, data sciences and national security sciences, ORNL recently established the Center for Artificial Intelligence Security Research, or CAISER, to address emerging AI threats. CAISER leads AI security research and AI evaluation at scale, capable of training and testing the largest AI models.