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Land lease agreement to expand Elizabethton trail property by more than 50 acres

Elizabethton Hampton Watershed

The Elizabethton City Council has approved a land lease that will expand the Hampton Watershed Trails property by 52.75 acres. Doe River Gorge has agreed to a five-year lease with the city for a parcel adjoining the watershed land. The lease comes without fees and can be renewed for an additional five years. The trail system is a primary recreational project in the area, bringing mountain bikers and hikers into the region. The lease agreement will allow the further expansion of this trail system, which is done in partnership with Elizabethton, Carter County, the Doe River Gorge, and Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association (SORBA) of the Tri-Cities. The watershed supplies about 54% of Elizabethton’s water. At present, five miles of trails are available following the first phase of construction on the site. Future plans hope to connect the watershed trails to the Tweetsie Trail and the Tannery Knobs Bike Park in Johnson City.