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Bristol purchases property for new recreational center

Bristol Melrose Street
The city of Bristol Tennessee has agreed to purchase the property located at 511-515 Melrose Street for $1.4 million to become a recreational facility.

The Bristol City Council has authorized the purchase of a $1.4 million property intended for redevelopment for recreation programming and potential tournaments. Located on Melrose Street, the more than 33,000-square-foot property also has a primary 16,720-square-foot structure on it that houses two indoor basketball courts and indoor batting cages for baseball and softball. Plans for the structure include both interior and exterior remodeling such as the addition of a stairs and elevator as well as improvements to parking. These renovations are expected to cost an additional $2 million. The building is located at the trailhead of the city’s Wes Davis Greenway and potential other uses for the facility include basketball, volleyball, pickleball, after school and summer programs, and potential rentals.