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Lakesite buries time capsule to commemorate 50 years of incorporation


The city of Lakesite has marked its 50th anniversary with the burial of a time capsule to be reopened in 2072. The time capsule is the first in city history and contains treasures and mementos from citizens collected from the 50th anniversary celebrations held last October. Items were collected representing both current and historical Lakesite events as well as a badge from the former city police department, photos of commissioners past and present, a map of Hamilton County from after the city was incorporated in 1972, and marketing material from the original Lakesite subdivision. Items commemorating the COVID-19 pandemic, a letter from Mayor David Howell to the future mayor of Lakesite, and other items were also included. The capsule was recently buried in front of city hall and will wait another 50 years to be dug up when Lakesite celebrates its centennial.