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La Vergne begins citywide streetlight conversion project

La Vergne

The city of La Vergne has approved and authorized a citywide conversion of its streetlight system to new energy-efficient LED fixtures in a process that will save the city more than $4.3 million and pay for itself in 15 years. These LED streetlights will reduce ongoing energy and maintenance costs while providing enhancements to both the aesthetics of our community and public safety. The project will take place between February and April. The total upfront cost for the project is $2,347,829 while the annual ECM savings is expected to be $159,726. Based on the savings, the project will pay for itself in less than 15 years, with an estimated 20-year return on investment of $4,356,932, for a net savings of almost $2 million over that time frame. The city has also applied for and was approved to receive TVA Energyright incentives in the amount of $40,847.74 for this project. Hydaker-Wheatlake, through their contract with PATH Company, will conduct the conversion and installation of the new fixtures.