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Goodlettsville debuts art trail

Goodlettsville vinyl utility box art

Goodlettsville has launched a new Mural and Art Tour focusing on a new mural at the Goodlettsville Visitors’ Center and vinyl painting displays made by local artists for utility boxes. The art was made possible through a Tennessee Tourism and Hospitality Recovery Fund grant and features 11 utility boxes with wrappings designed by local artists. Goodlettsville residents of all ages were invited to participate in a contest to pick the 11 wrappings and feature local landmarks such as the Bank of Goodlettsville, Moss-Wright Park, Clark Emerald Trail, Happy Hollow, and Union Hill Baptist as well as local symbols and icons. The mural at the Visitors’ Center is named “Blame It All On My Roots” and depicts various historic sites and important events in Goodlettsville history, including the Little League World Series, famous local residents, and more.