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Former mayor's historic model train set goes on display in Mt. Juliet

Mt Juliet train display

A model train set showcasing the history of Mt. Juliet is now display at the city’s Hibbett Hall Community Center, a gift from the family of two former Mt. Juliet mayors. The display features two main train lines and a small trolley track as well as 75 individual buildings depicting Mt. Juliet and west Wilson County as they appeared prior to the city’s incorporation in 1972. The entire display was created by N.C. Hibbett, the first mayor of Mt. Juliet, who also served as a city commissioner. Hibbett’s wife, Jenny Bess Hibbett, also later became mayor of the city. The Hibbett family decided to gift the display to the city in hopes it would help residents look into the past while also appreciate how far the city has come.