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17 cities share in more than $46M in TDOT funding

Memphis Bridge
The University of Memphis' Railroad Pedestrian Bridge is one TDOT project funded through the Transportation Alternatives Program in the past.

TDOT officials announced 17 cities will share in more $46 million in state and federal grant funds that support multimodal investments in walking, biking, and transit statewide in Tennessee. 

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee along with Deputy Governor & Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) Commissioner Butch Eley announced six cities will receive more than $15 million from the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grants: Clarksville, Dickson, Jackson, Memphis, LaFollette, and Lexington were awarded.  

Five municipalities were also awarded eight grants as part of the total 12 successful applicants to the IMPROVE Transit Investment Grant totaling $18,754,216. These grants were granted to transit authorities in Chattanooga, Clarksville, Gatlinburg, Knoxville, Memphis, and Nashville. 

TDOT also awarded $12,529,075 in Multimodal Access Grant (MMAG) funding for 12 projects supporting pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit users through infrastructure projects that address existing gaps along state routes. These projects were awarded to Athens, Clifton, Dickson, Erin, Fayetteville, Jackson, Knoxville, Lebanon, Lexington, Sevierville, Somerville, and Tiptonville.  

“Increasing safety, promoting healthy lifestyles, and providing improved access to our cities and towns make our communities better places to live and work,” said Gov. Lee. “I’m pleased the state can provide the support necessary to move these projects forward.” 

The awards announcement is for three grant programs administered through TDOT. The Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant is made possible through a federally funded program. A variety of activities, such as the restoration of historic facilities, bike and pedestrian trails, landscaping, and other non-traditional transportation projects, are eligible for grant funds under the federal program. This year TDOT is awarding $15,201,777 to seven communities.  

“Since 1991, through these grants, TDOT has funded $400 million in non-traditional transportation projects,” said Deputy Governor & TDOT Commissioner Butch Eley.  “This program has assisted communities across Tennessee in their efforts to revitalize downtowns, highlight historic areas, provide alternative means of transportation, and increase opportunities for economic development.” 

Transportation Alternatives Program 
MunicipalityAward AmountProject Description
Clarksville$1,472,309Peachers Mill Road Sidewalks
Clarksville$990,900Crossland Avenue Sidewalk Project
Dickson$1,183,154Downtown Revitalization Phase 7
Jackson$2,293,750Jackson Airways Boulevard Phase 4
LaFollette$2,306,664Downtown Pedestrian Sidewalk Improvements Phase 4
Lexington$955,000Downtown Enhancement Phase 3
Memphis$6,000,000 Cobblestone Landing Restoration and Improvements



IMPROVE Transit Investment Grant 
AwardeeAward AmountProject Description

Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority


Replacement fareboxes and collection equipment to allow for diverse forms of payment. 

Clarksville Transit System 


Purchase of 2 replacement hybrid buses.  

Gatlinburg Mass Transit System 


Purchase of 5 replacement trolleys.

Knoxville Area Transit 


Engineering for bus stop improvements, building on an SFY2021 award for 25 stops.  

Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (WeGo) 


Construction of ped improvements and transit amenities at 4 sites, 3 along Trinity Lane and 1 on Murfreesboro Pike.

Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (WeGo) 


Engineering and construction for bus stop sites that require easements, property acquisitions or extensive civil construction at locations on the High Injury Network

Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (WeGo) 


Additional funding for the Hickory Hollow Transit Center.  

Memphis Area Transportation Authority Bus Rapid Transit 


Advanced Commitment (May 2023)

Non-Municipality Grants

Delta Human Resource Agency 


Purchase of a Service Truck and assorted tools to support the maintenance of the Delta fleet on rural roadways

RTA of Middle Tennessee 


Purchase of software, hardware, and equipment for AVL, GPS, and real time arrival systems for WeGo Star rail vehicles
South Central TN Development District$588,880Purchase fleet-wide camera systems and upgrade to digital radio communications system.
First TN Human Resource Agency$315,653Parking lot expansion at the maintenance facility for revenue vehicle storage.
Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency$48,000Purchase of 3 vehicle lifts and 3 rolling jacks for the UCHRA Maintenance shop.
TDOT Project Delivery & Program Administration$300,000 


Multimodal Access Grant (MMAG) 
MunicipalityAward AmountProject Description
Athens$675,255Sidewalks, Bike lanes, Pedestrian Crossing Improvements, Complete Streets, ADA Improvements along State Routes 39, 307, 30
Clifton$1,187,495Sidewalks, Pedestrian Crossing Improvements, ADA Improvements along State Route 128
Dickson$1,079,906Sidewalks, Pedestrian Crossing Improvements, ADA Improvements along State Route 235
Erin$848,236Sidewalks, Pedestrian Crossing Improvements, Multi-use Paths; Complete Streets,  ADA Improvement, Lighting along State Route 49
Fayetteville$1,124,877Sidewalks, Pedestrian Crossing Improvements, ADA Improvements along State Routes 15, 10
Jackson$1,125,000Sidewalks, Pedestrian Crossing Improvements, ADA Improvements along State Route 20
Knoxville$1,125,000Sidewalks, Pedestrian Crossing Improvements, Transit Stop Amenities, ADA Improvements along State Route 33.
Lebanon$1,124,370Sidewalks, Pedestrian Crossing Improvements, ADA Improvements along State Route 10
Lexington$1,045,000Sidewalks, Pedestrian Crossing Improvements, ADA Improvements along State Route 114
Sevierville$1,124,937Sidewalk installation, ADA improvements along State Route 35.
Somerville$882,000Sidewalks, Pedestrian Crossing Improvements, Complete Streets,  ADA Improvement, Lighting along State Route 76
Tiptonville$1,187,000Sidewalks, Pedestrian Crossing Improvements, Complete Streets,  ADA Improvement, Lighting, Intersection signalization along State Route 78