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Columbia breaks ground on fire station expansion, renovation

From left to right, retired Columbia Assistant Fire Chief M.T. Potts, Columbia Fire Chief Ty Cobb, former Columbia Fire Chief Milton Haye, and Columbia Councilman Kenny Marshall take part in a groundbreaking ceremony for the renovation and expansion of Columbia's Fire Station No. 1.

Officials in the city broke ground on the renovation and expansion of Columbia’s Fire Station No. 1.  The station dates back to 1979 and plans to renovate the facility date back at least a decade. The $4.8 million project expand the 13,675-square-foot facility to add east and western dorms, a new training center and community room, kitchen space, and upgrade the building to modern energy code standards. The station will also be upgraded to be used as an emergency shelter with the ability to withstand F3 tornado, including providing back up power for emergency command centers and the IT department.