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Transit projects in a dozen cities part of governor's budget proposals

Campbell Station Road Farragut
One of the projects proposed as part of Gov. Bill Lee's transportation budget is a $48 million improvement project to the Interstate 40-75 Interchange at Campbell Station Road in Farragut. Of the 22 projects proposed in the budget, at least 12 are within city limits.

A dozen cities will benefit from more than $600 million worth of transportation investments outlined as part of Gov. Bill Lee’s FY22-23 Budget proposals.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) would be able to fund a list of 22 projects planned across the state.  

“We have an obligation to future generations to invest in our roads and bridges and propel economic growth,” said Gov. Lee. “Tennessee’s strong fiscal position allows us to make strategic investments in infrastructure and ensure progress on critical projects across the state.”

TDOT stands to gain $626.5 million that will go toward accelerating IMPROVE Act projects, interchange improvements in rural areas, and road infrastructure projects in our fastest-growing counties, to name a few.

  • $77 million for Economic Development Projects
  • $226 million for State Highway Partnership Program
  • $176 million for the Rural Interchange Improvement Program
  • $100 million for IMPROVE Act Acceleration
  • $4 million for Enhanced Litter Removal
  • $3.5 million for Transportation Equity Fund

“Tennessee is one of only five states with no transportation debt,” said TDOT Commissioner Joe Galbato. “We are excited and grateful for the additional funding that will no doubt keep us in good financial health and accommodate the ever-growing needs of our citizens.”

Two of the 22 proposed projects under the governor’s budget would offer transportation improvements in the town of Farragut: a $48 million improvement project to the Interstate 40-75 Interchange at Campbell Station Road and $35 million for improvements to the I-40/75 Interchange at Watt Road.

Farragut Mayor Ron Williams said the two projects would be of great benefit not only to Farragut but to the surrounding communities and East Tennessee in general.

“On behalf of the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen, I’d like to thank Governor Bill Lee and his staff, along with our hard-working legislators—Jason Zachary, Richard Briggs, Becky Duncan Massey and Justin Lafferty—for proposing funding for improvements to the Campbell Station Road/I-40/I-75 interchange,” Williams said. “This redesigned interchange would be beneficial for all of East Tennessee and would significantly ease congestion in both Farragut and Hardin Valley. Upgrades to this critical interchange have been discussed for two decades, and our board has pushed hard to make it happen, so we are incredibly thankful that Governor Lee has proposed this important infrastructure investment for our community.”

The budget calls for three transportation projects centered around economic development. In Maryville and Alcoa, the budget includes $15 million for the widening of State Route 334 at Louisville Loop and Proffitt Springs Road. A second $40 million project would improve the Cleveland Street Extension and I-24 Underpass in Nashville, and a third $22 million project would realign Meadow Park Lane to Riverport Road in Kingsport near an Eastman Chemical Company.

The two Farragut projects would be part of the seven projects outlined under the State Highway Partnership Program Projects. The proposed projects for this program also include a $39 million extension of State Route 449/Veterans Boulevard in Sevierville, a $28 million project at the I-40 Interchange at McCrory Lane in Nashville, a new I-24 Interchange at Buchanan Road in Rutherford County, a $86 million project on State Route 386 between State Route 109 in Gallatin and State Route 174 in Hendersonville, and $16 million for the second phase of the I-40 Interchange at Christmasville Road in Jackson.

Proposals for the Rural Interchange Improvement Program would include two projects on I-24, two on I-26, and eight projects on I-40. The I-26 projects include two $5.5 million projects to add high mast lighting, one at State Route 173 in Unicoi County and the second at State Route 359 in Johnson City. The I-24 proposals include $11 million for ramp improvements and lighting at State Route 50 in Grundy County and $16.5 million for ramp improvements, widening, and lighting at State Route 15 in Monteagle.

There are four $22 million proposed projects along I-40 aimed at reconstruction of the interchange, widening, and improved lighting: one at State Route 50 in Hickman County, at State Route 56 in Putnam County, at State Route 73 in Cocke County, and at State Route 104 in Henderson County. Additionally, three $11 million projects along I-40 would reconstruct interchanges, widen routes, and add lighting to State Route 13 in Humphreys County, and State Route 1 in Haywood County. Another $16.5 million project along I-40 calls for ramp improvements, widening, and lighting on State Route 48 in Dickson and Hickman Counties.

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