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TML Visioning Committee holds first meeting

Committee Shot
Members of the TML Visioning Committee discuss their thoughts on the future of municipalities and TML with Communications Strategist Tom Griscom.
Tom Griscom and Committee
Communications Strategist Tom Griscom leads the TML Visioning Committee in a discussion about the organization's future. 

Members of TML’s first-ever Visioning Committee met earlier this month to identify ways to best position TML for the future. 

The TML Board of Directors created the 17-member committee to identify issues as it relates to TML’s organizational structure and challenges, mission delivery, programs and services, funding, and inter-governmental relations.

“For almost 85 years, TML has been recognized as ‘the voice’ of Tennessee’s towns and cities, as well as the go-to organization for our state government in addressing the state’s grand challenges,” said Ron Williams, TML President and Farragut Mayor. “If we are to maintain, if not strengthen that unique position, we must go to work now and take deliberate steps to ensure that outcomes are successful for years to come.”

Members discussed how the explosion of population growth to the state will impact cities in the next 20 years and what role should TML play now and in the future? 

Some areas of discussion included: 

  • A review of TML’s marketing and communications efforts and what steps should be taken in the future to ensure our message reaches the greatest audience that works in concert with the League’s advocacy program.
  • Advocacy efforts should continue to be TML’s No. 1 priority and should maintain a “cities first” agenda and not fall prey to partisan politics. 
  • Need to focus more on telling the city story and the value municipal governments contribute to the state of Tennessee and the citizens we serve. 
  • Work to increase participation from all city officials to support the League's efforts. 
  • The role and make up of the TML Board of Directors
  • The role of TML’s partners, stakeholders, and affiliates organization; and 
  • Exploring various business models and new enterprises that support our members and TML programming.

The Committee will continue to work throughout the year, as well as engage various TML stakeholders and partners to solicit their input on various issues, topics and challenges. 

Committee members include: 

  • Julian McTizic, Mayor, Bolivar – Chair
  • Tim Kelly, Mayor, Chattanooga
  • Stefanie Dalton, Vice Mayor, Red Bank
  • David Smoak, City Manager, Farragut,
  • Kirk Bednar, City Manager, Brentwood
  • Johnny Dodd, Councilman, Jackson
  • Kim Foster, City Manager, Paris
  • Joe Pitts, Mayor, Clarksville
  • Mike Palazzolo, Mayor, Germantown
  • Darrell Duncan, Councilman, Kingsport
  • Nina Smothers, Mayor, Huntingdon
  • Trey Dykes, Mayor, Newport
  • Ron Williams, Mayor and TML President, Farragut (Ex Officio)
  • Paige Brown, Mayor, Gallatin
  • Bobby King, Mayor Henderson, (TML Past President)
  • Richard Stokes, former HR Director, Spring Hill
  • Blake Walley, City Manager, Savannah
  • Roger Campbell, Assistant City Manager, Maryville